After years of development as a side-project, Modulo is close to an "alpha" release. The plan for the alpha release is to get early feedback before we finalize the external API, or spend time optimizing for DOM performance or readability of source-code.

After alpha?

Once the API is more or less finalized, and the library itself has enjoyed some limited ("dogfooding") production usage, then it's time for the "beta" release. Finally, as it gets more production usage, it's time for the v1.0 release, which is intended to be a highly stable release for the future, with few, if any new features.

Known bugs

Directives nested in child components are broken: Directive resolution context for child components with non-shadow slots still has issues, resolving to the immediate parent (the child component) instead of the more expected parent (the parent doing the nesting).

m.bundle: Incomplete

Major incomplete aspects of API

Library / Load / Loader / Module / Config / Modulo configuration refactor: Currently, a variety of CParts do similar tasks. We want to condense them all into a new "Library" CPart, and abandon "Module" terminology, since it can easily be confused with the unrelated concept of JavaScript modules.

Read below for a more complete project status summary or "roadmap"!

Project Status

Current status: prealpha

Prealpha means... shhhhh! This site is not yet ready to be released.